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Keyword Spider is a modern keyword research tool that allows you to find real user searches, competing domains and keyword difficulty.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Spider allows you to find real search keywords that people are actually looking for on Google right now. Starting with a seed key phrase this spider will search for ever more and more keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche.

You will gain real insights into your competition and the keywords that they are using to rank highly and you will see exactly how they gain domain authority.

Learn keyword research.

How To Use The Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword Spider is an evolving beast and there are many useful data sets that can be found using this tool.
It is very simple to create key phrase datasets using Keyword Spider. Firstly enter a keyword that your company is trying to compete for. Enter this as the seed key phrase and select how many searches need to be carried out.

It is best to start with around 5 searches only because as the suggestions come in they can go off on a tangent. Therefore to keep your keywords within your niche then search for important phrases first and then add more as you go.

If you find that Keyword Spider has searched a phrase that is not in your keyset then simply delete it as the video shows.

Download Keyword Spider

Firstly I cannot yet afford to have the software Code Signing as it costs around £100. You may get a malware warning from Microsoft but Google has verified it as safe. But you can check it with any scanner - the software is safe.

Download Keyword Spider

Requires Windows 10 Desktop & .NET Framework. FREE...

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